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to invest and the essential pillars of economic growth like education, workforce readiness, science, research and innovation. i believe there are significant savings that can be achieved in our health care system without compromising the quality of care, and in fact, improving the quality of care. and without slashing benefits that seniors have worked so hard for and earned. former secretary-treasurer he paul o'neill has estimated we can save $1 trillion per year without affecting health care outcomes by in acting smart, targeted health care delivery reforms. the institute of medicine estimated the number could be 750 billion dollars. no matter what the exact figure or proposal, these are impressive savings that would strengthen the nation's health- care system without shifting cost and burdens to seniors and states. these have the added benefit of improving quality, -- quality outcomes within the health-care system. so before we continue to obsessively but benefits on the table, i would hope to begin the dialogue about finding solutions that produce health-care cost savings. i am c
back to a point where you go through the normal process of moving the bills, the labor education bill, the defense bill, move them all individually. there is not enough time when we talk about the calendar. there is not enough time to move all of the bills individually at this point. host: sarah from dover, pennsylvania. caller: good morning. i would like to change the subject a little bit if i can. i live on medicare. the medicare and food stamps -- i am surviving on $125 a week. if they take food stamps away from me -- the -- [indiscernible] he needs to feeds us first before he feeds anyone else. and also, we have a place to live. our guys come home from the service. they are losing because they have no place to live. i would like to see that to happen, too. thank you. host: there is a story in politico. the headline talks about the farm bill that it gets no respect, referencing rodney dangerfield. why is this an important discussion happening? guest: the last time we had a farm bill, that law expired in 2008. what is it, 2013? it has been five years since we had a new farm bill pas
have famously said after the last shutdown there's no education the in the second kick of a mule. so i have to ask you about the second kick of a mule. what happens when we come back to this argument about debt limits again next year and back to this argument about continuing resolutions for the budget? is there a third kick of a mule in the offing here? >> no, we're not going to shut the government down. we're certainly not going to default. but it's an important time to talk about the $1 trillion debt we've run up. about -- looking at it another way, we've accumulated more debt during the obama years than all the presidents from george washington to george bush. this is an alarming statistic. further evidence of what we're leaving behind for the youngest generation. so when you do something like raise the debt ceiling it's not been uncommon going back to the 12950s for there to be significant reforms attached to it. frequent they happens with a continuing resolution. we think it's alarming that america now has a debt that makes us look like a western european country and we think we
create jobs. we could keep harmful cuts to education programs, or we could give more kids a head start. hire more teachers in math and science and help more kids afford a college education. we can keep doling out corporate welfare, or we can invest in renewable energy that creates jobs and lowers carbon pollution. priorities, choices, that is what this is about. and the stakes for the middle class couldn't be higher. if we don't pick the right priorities now, make the right choices now, we could hinder growth and opportunity for decades and leave our children with something less. that includes the obsession with cutting just for the sake of cutting. that doesn't help our economy grow. it will hold us back. remember, our deficits are getting smaller, not bigger. on my watch their falling at the fastest pace in 60 years. that gives us room to fix our long-term debt problems without sticking it to young people or undermining our bedrock retirement and health security programs or cutting basic research that helps us grow. here is the bottom line. congress should pass a budget that cut thin
at the board of education meeting. she hopes to attend vanderbilt university to study medicine and one day join doctors without borders. i wish her luck in her future endeavors and i know she will make our fourth district proud. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. for what purpose does the gentleman from michigan seek recognition? >> mr. speaker, i seek unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman from michigan is recognized for one minute. >> thank you, mr. speaker. this week unfortunately food stamps will be cut by $5 billion. we expected that. mr. kildee: what's worse is even more deeper cuts could follow. conferees start negotiating a farm bill this week, and billions of dollars -- in fact, $40 billion have been -- in cuts have been proposed by republicans in the house. 10 times the amount of cuts passed in the bipartisan bill in the senate. i've talked to dozens of people in my district who since i've been here in congress have come up to me and said, you know, thank you for fighting to preser
our country who are trying to save for their retirements, save for their children's college education, saving for their first home, are not harmed by confusing, costly regulations coming out of washington. mr. speaker, all americans know that a flood -- a flood -- of shington red tape has hurt our economy. that's why tens of millions of our fellow countrymen remain unemployeed or underemployed. unfortunately, more regulations are on the way. specifically today, mr. speaker, we are speaking about the securities and exchange commission and the department of labor who are headed toward proposing two massive and inconsistent rule makings. they're going to hurt the ability of retail investors to get financial advice that they need for their portion of the american dream. mr. speaker, retail investors are not big-time professionals on wall street. retail investors had no role in causing the financial crisis. and they should not be punished for it which reglet -- which regrettably this rule making could do. rather retailers are hardworking citizens from our congressional districts who buy an
a good environment especially for a young children that they get good education, and in afghanistan it's impossible for the kids, especially for the one who is working with the american for their kids it's impossible to goe go to the schools or kindergarten to get education. but for here there is no more fear of taliban to get my children or harm my children. i you can sen can send them to s or kindergarten for a good education. >> i saw somewhere you said that in afghanistan they would learn to hold guns. here they will learn to hold a pencil and paper. >> yeah. janis when he got off the plane last night i asked him, what does this mean to you? my kids instead of having to learn how to predict and defend -- protect and defend themselves, when they go to school they will be taught to hold a pen and pencil and piece of paper. >> janis welcom well to welcomed states. >> straight ahead the surprising pick for the most powerful person in the world. and mariel hemingway talks about the issues that her family has been fighting for a senlts efort --century. today's date day r at that dooif am
detailed party solutions on issues like energy, education, health care, on growing the private sector economy. we need to win the war of ideas. prime minister thatcher said you've got to win the war, the debate of ideas before you can win the next election. we've got to be more than the party of no. our country's got a critical decision to make. myÑi generationÑi needs to choose again to renew principles of freedom to say the american dream and prosperity is a path forward. president obama is offering more government. >> we're running out of money. give me an example. don't get wonky. a new fresh conservative proposal we're not hearing now that you think would be more attractive to one of these groups that is not voting republican right now. >> i think you see a lot of creativity around education reform at the state level, whether it's giving letter grades to public schools, holding teachers accountable based on student growth in terms of how they're learning, in terms of school choice or the dollars follow the students andÑi public schools, on-line schools, private schools, indepe
the areas where government has intruded, whether it's retirement or education orl health care, it's been an abject failure. i like the free market. >> the military, social security, terrible. medicare?e. terrible. >> social security is going bankrupt. >> social security is terrible!i call your mother right now,ur m gregory. >> i will. >> you hate social security? >> yes! >> but it's going bankrupt. you brought up the military. >> everything stinks. >> no, the military is awesome because it's run separately from this bureaucracy. >> oh, yeah, that's not the united states government. >> they have actual standards. and the achievement is measured in the military. if you're not good in the military, you're out. in if you fail in government, you stay in and go up. >> can we quick israeli -- quickly have a you know it's bad moment. d when formereba president jimmy carter criticizes you. listen. accomplishment cass obamacare and the implementation of it now is questionable at best.ti eric, what do you say whenon jit carter is d criticizing you? >> i don't care about jimmy carter. i care about w
, but more proud of title 9, 1973, this country came to make sure of equality for women in education and that includes sports. and the result is women in athletics that are amazing and entertaining. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. ellison: i congratulate them. thank you. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. for what purpose does the gentleman from michigan seek wreck his? -- seek recognition? the gentleman is recognized for one minute. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i rise today to say thank you to a friend of mine, mayor james r. bobbing, who has dedicated 45 years of service to the city of granville in the second district. in the last 29 he he served as mayor. mayor bobbing has been recognized countless times for his leadership and commitment to west michigan. most recently he received the michigan municipal league michael a. guideo leadership and public leadership service award. in addition he serves as the chairman of the grandville council which plays a leading role in fostering public and private cooperation to enhance quality of
-sex couples. also, how they respond when gays seek a religious education or communion for children. soughtormation was also on pastoral care of men and women who live together outside of marriage. the national catholic reporter broke the story on thursday and posted a copy online. michael is in miamisburg, ohio. republican line, what is the top story for you? -- i hit the wrong button. independent line. caller: hello. thank you very much. receiverld you put the up? it is hard to hear you? caller: sure. host: thank you. caller: can you hear me now? is abouttory for me health insurance and getting sick erie it i think a lot of debate is making people sick. they're worried about their health now. this will make them anxious and more prone to disease. the only solution is to try not to get sick. that is all an individual can do. avoid accidents in dangerous situations. -- a lote i am smoking of people know what to do. i would stay away from doctors if i could. when i go to the doctor, he has all of this fancy equipment. 30 years ago, they did not have all that stuff. we are able to be
, once among the hundreds of educational institutions nationwide offered cheap health insurance to their students would have had to drop the practice because obamacare prohibits the sale of those insurance policies now. more evidence of the health care law is potentially going to disrupt the budget and medicaid itself and an overwhelming majority of people applying for an expansion of medicaid as opposed to applying in the mber of states. looking at the startling numbers, and parolees, medicaid, 82,000 of private insurance enrollments, 3000, arkansas over 70,000 and we are beginning to understand that that means embarrassingly small. none in the private insurance and washington, this is an entirely upside down ratio between medicaid and 25,000 in kentucky and 6000 private. the next congressman is our guest and he's a member of the republican study committee. it's great to have you with us. now, how do you feel that no one seems to be able to move this administration to release the enrollment numbers? >> i find it appalling and eight letters for my district alone represent us. th
services. the one thing we try to do in the aca is give more money for graduate medical education to encourage more folks to it to medical school. host: our guest, congress woman diana degette, serves the first district of colorado, democrat . she is the top democrat on the oversight and investigations subcommittee. we will go to paul next in pittsburgh, republican caller. hi, paul. caller: good morning. i would like to start thinking c-span for allowing us to have this unfiltered conversation that is important for the people to hear all of this. , ipent 30 years in the navy will be very brief. when the admiral was running an exercise, we would write the plan and then he would just call all the department heads in and go over all the details until he was completely satisfied that this was going to be executed properly. we call that leadership. it is an ingredient that apparently is missing in our government at the top level. it is inconceivable to me that you could after having the time that you had to roll this plan out to have this kind of a disaster, and everybody to deny knowl
care allow, just as thousands say they are losing their current plans. >> getting more educational bang for your buck. do those college rankings really help finding the best college for your budget? >> coming up in sports, lebron james and the miami heat unveiled another championship banner. we'll have the heights in just a bit. conversation in a live town-hall event. sex crimes on campus, a special week of coverage and live town-hall on america tonight nine eastern. only on al jazeera america. (vo) friday night ... >> does the nsa collect any type of data on millions of americans? >> no sir. (vo) fault lines investigates what it's like to live under the watchful eye of the nsa. >> they know everything that you do, everything that you think, everything that you fear. they know how to manipulate and control you. the state has all the power. >> we have done more to destroy our way of life than the terrorists could ever have done. >> welcome back to aljazeera america. i'm del walters. in just about a half hour, the health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius is going to testify b to connect with a patient advocate from abbvie for one-to-one support and education. >> okay, everyone. it is time to hash it out. a traveler making a surprising discovery at chicago's o'hare airport. "the chicago tribune" tweeting small alligator discovered under escalator at o'hare. coking the alligator out with a broom and dustpan. police naming the two foot long alligator alli and turning it over to rescue society. alli resting up. most likely in a state a little warmer than illinois. thousands of runners taking over new york racing the new york city over the weekend one of them pamela anderson. trading in famous red swimsuit for running shoes tweeting this picture with her brother who ran the 22-mile race alongside her. posting a picture of her marathon rofry complete with big bags of ice and race bib covering her face and fashion ouch. new trend on the market tweeting the krona is last summer. glow in the dark ice cream new craze? protein reacts with the ph of your tongue to produce the glow but this bizarre treat doesn't come cheap. a single scoop cost, red ready for t
. >> you know why i'm here, really, i'm an educator now. what way? >> i'm trying to educate people to this problem of a fib. >> it's an irregular heartbeat. >> this affects like almost 6 million people. >> so you know? >> i know. >> she's an educator. >> and if you have it, you're five times more likely to have a stroke. so go easy on yourself. >> i thought your heart was just beating 'cause you were here. >> i'm excited, but i'm very close to having a stroke. but if you want to know more about it, i want to send people to fibs or take a quiz. like deal or no deal. for everybody that takes the quiz, not only do you learn something, but you end up -- >> i got a little problem. >> what? >> you're worried about giving people a sudden shock and there is 6 million people with afib, yet you want to stun people with your pranks show. and if someone has afib and on your prank show, without knowing it, you could kill them. >> or you could save their life. >> no. the point is, this is so common and if you know about it, you -- >> i didn't know. >> how did you find out? >> i was goi
, the educational background, even the race in cases of the people visiting the site. and i guess they don't want people to sort of understand who's coming to that site. so they want to -- i think they want to see that information for themselves first and then maybe let it out publicly. gerri: that's not the way most of silicon valley works. it's interesting to see what they're choosing to do here. chris, thanks for coming on. appreciate it. good to see you. >> sure thing, it was a pleasure. gerri: thank you. and a programming note more you, this monday we're going to be doing into call-in show, two of them, in fact, 6 and 9 p.m. eastern time on monday. now, we're going to answer your questions from e-mail, twitter, facebook, and we're going to take your phone calls. you see the number right there? again, that's monday night at 6 and 9 p.m. your calls, your comments, your questions, we want to hear from you. we know this is the biggest consumer story of at least the last year, probably longer. and when we come back, kathleen sebelius hasn't lost her job, but one obamacare call center worker has.
. the growth is significant. do i see it as a problem? a couple of things. it can be educational. it can be harmful and detrimental and addicting. there has to be ethics to people making these programs. to make sure that they are not addicting, educational, and respect privacy. stuart: charles, what you have a problem with the child of yours under the age of two being addicted to a teddy bear because i certainly would not? >> ultimately it is up to the parents. the problem is when the parent gives up their parental time with the kid and makes the smart phone the babysitter all day and night long. i would come home, watching spanish tv. he was like an he could not move. i brought my mother up from alabama. check him out every day two or three times a day. he came to life, vibrant, robust. so that is the real danger. stuart: i think that is the end of the discussion. go ahead. >> if you walk around manhattan, they're all on tablets and i phones. the new generation, i don't know what we can do about it. have two kids. my son knew how to open the computer, it to the program, open the game. i
obamacare blows of, the masters talking about immigration reform, education. and that brings up the next question, amnesty. comprehensive and immigration reform. i love the way they sell this. six and the people from the gop lobbying base descending upon washington to cajole the authorities into granting amnesty to illegal reverence. >> adding that the versions were before and will again. lou: al was -- what do you think? >> we have to do something to sell the immigration problem. lou: he sign-off with the national association, the zero cars. super. >> able to make a difference. thousands could have stopped it. you'll make sure we listen is it goes along with the administration for amnesty. lou: the establishment has nothing to do with the quality of life, standard of living for twenties on million americans who are out of work, unemployed, underemployed, and they don't see this same fervor and passion . >> i am against it because it is too draconian. >> i supported the house plan was incremental. >> you want to go beyond. >> not good enough for you. what is good enough? >> above the cit
and adding to that, the ranking member on that health education committee, senator lamar alexander earlier today i spoke with him and asked him if he was satisfied. >> she should step down. this is a private sector, that kind of performance would not be tolerated. gerri: she said she was sorry. working on the problems. why isn't that good enough. >> it is not good enough. admiral rickover to learn of their navy and told captains of the submarine, you are in charge of the reactor, too. there is problem with the reactor, your career is over. even in their private sector. gerri: and not backing off. what you want as a weekly report. >> we want to know how many people have tried through the age changed to buy obamacare, how many succeeded and what is it go they live in. we need to know that. but for the internet age are see a new how many records there were selling every day. now in the middle of the internet age the obama administration should be able to tell us every day how many people setting out. one of the buying. gerri: the problems with the website. she's in a city saying we can't tell
have to strike. lou: over 20 million people out of work, under employed, app education system not working almost 50 million people on food stamps, are you kidding me? how do you make sense out of that for amnesty. >> i did not say that. lou: i know can you? >> no, i cannot, bottom line is that -- i think that bottom line that is only way it gets done. lou: matt, a reasonable fellow, will you come back soon. >> thank you. lou: thank you so much judy, and now matter your contentious nature. up next, new book, extortion how capitol hillfieds off of your money, some buy votes, others ending up in our elected official's pockets? author peter schweizer is joining me next. as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally soone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer get the spark business card from capital one. choose 2% cash back or double miles
of their teams. it gave me a chance to use my education a little bit. >> you say you're one of the most unlikely people to get to the hall of fame, in fact most unlikely to get to the nba. why? >> i didn't fit any of the profiles. i'm a very small guy and there's nothing about me that stood out. i needed teammates to be good. i didn't go out there and score a million points or do anything by myself. i needed guys around me. little by little things pointed in that direction. >> you go to gonzaga, after your second year you begin to shine. you say your parents didn't think you would play past ninth grade. >> we had chances to raise money for basketball tournaments and they always were willing to buck up for one of their four children because they figured it would be my last harrah. >> you came up in an era where there was no parents organizing things. you were playing pickup football, pickup basketball, anything else. >> riding books anywhere. right around the neighborhood, see what you can find. >> you talk about going into the hall of fame. you go in with who? david robinson and a guy named? >>
: in face-to-face debates. >> saying the words education and research, that's all great, but those are goals, those are platitudes, they're not plans. >> reporter: and on the campaign trail with the candidates pulling no punches. >> if you like d.c. politics, you'll love terry mcauliffe. if you like detroit finances, you'll love terry mcauliffe. >> ken's new campaign slogan is "fighting for virginia." but after campaigning with ted cruz its pretty clear that its just that. a slogan. >> reporter: stephen farnsworth is a professor of political science at the university of mary washington. >> from day one it was all about how the other side was unfit to govern. and in some ways what's happening, i think, is that voters, at least some of them, are starting to agree with both campaigns. >> reporter: among them: andrea khoury. she traditionally votes republican, but says the negativity coming from both sides has left her undecided this year. >> i think they've been doing more attacking than actually what their platform is. and i think as a voter, i need to know what i'm voting for, not what i'm vo
, is to create ways to encourage higher education to be part of that. to encourage higher education to be part of that research component. and i think americans are eager to make things again. i'll bet you and i both hear the same thing over and over again, how can we have a strong economy if we don't make things? you know, you can have a strong economy, parts of the economy that don't make things but not only do you need to make things but there's something that really defines who we are in a positive way when people see americans making things that not only are heavily competitive here but are competitive all over the world and i think that's the kind of thing, senator coons, you and i are talking about, the bipartisan effort we need to make. i don't know any republicans or any democrats anywhere or any independents who said we don't need to worry about making things, don't want need to worry about a competitive economy. actually private-sector jobs should be the number-one domestic goal of the federal government today and the jobs we're talking about are a significant component of that beca
for either outreach and education, the health centers have hired education average people as part of their outreach for personnel. it is a related cause. >> thank you, mr. chairman. thank you, madam secretary, for being here. my understanding is a lot of the companies, insurers that have been offering plans in the individual market, the ones sending out these notices are actually repositioning themselves in the health insurance exchange to offer alternative plans. is that correct? sebelius: yep. >> in addition to those insurers and the individual market, you now have a lot of other companies and insurers providing plans the health care market. sebelius: that is true. >> i went to buy orioles tickets a while back when the season was underway and i was standing in line and got up to the ticket window and they closed the window. but i didn't have to go home because they opened another window a few feet away. essentially what's happening ass people are coming up on their renewal time, they're told that window is closed but if you go right down the line here there is another window tha
education and health care. let's create an upper limit first so nobody loses their ho home, nobody ever goes bankrupt because of the health care issue, let's put a bottom to those who can't get health care can get it, and less trust the market to allocate scarce resources, demand transparency for equality. that's what we are for. if we do that, health care cost will go down, not up. studies show one out of every three studies, color spent does not have anybody get well. and that will be worse. bill: obviously they can see this national invade embarrassmy out in front of them. >> label obvious to get fixed. but bobby jindal says this is just the beginning of a large program that is going to be very difficult. it is going to be in a downward spiral because there is no way the unhealthy people are going to go in and pay and take the deductibles needed to pay for those who are very sick. you're going to have mainly very sick people signing up meeting the insurance industry will lose a whole lot of money in 2014 and then the rates are going to go even higher again which means fewer young, healthy
, madam president, i ask unanimous consent that the health, education, labor and pensions committee be discharged from further consideration of s. 1590, a bill to require transparency in the operation of the american health benefit exchanges and that the senate proceed to its immediate consideration, i further ask consent that the bill be read a third time and passed, the motion to reconsider be considered made and laid upon the table. the presiding officer: is there objection? mr. harkin: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator from iowa. mr. harkin: reserving the right to object, again, my good friend from tennessee is raising another effort here to divert resources from the implementation of the affordable care act which we can then use to fix the very problems that he has mentioned. again, i'd point out we report jobs data on a monthly basis, but now this is going to be a different standard, i might also point out that in medicare part d we released those data, enrollment data on a monthly basis. i do agree with my friend that there should be accountability for the 3
granny off a cliff and a wheelchair and little johnny not to have a good education and drink their water and not have food stamps. the conservatives have to learn to connect with people emotionally but with the facts and the facts are that the states and federal governments are bankrupt. we have to start restricting these programs because there is no more money. stuart: it is friday morning, the dow is close to 100 points, another obamacare bombshell we have discussed, all irs scandal back in the news, food stamp cuts, technology going straight up, what a show and check this up. the most expensive item we ever had. how do you pronounced it? charles knows. is worth millions. find out how much it will go for in a moment. in today's markets, a lot can happen in a second. with fidelity's guaranteed one-second trade execution, we route your order to up to 75 market centers to look for the best possible price -- maybe even better than you expected. it's all part of our goal to execute your trade in one second. i'm derricchan of fidelity investments. our one-second trade execution is one more i
on the table in education funding. and what happens? well, to those, i say this. to you i say this, who i deeply respect. on the floor of the committee and off the floor of the house, what are you going to do about the approximately 17 million children with pre- existing conditions who can no longer be denied health insurance coverage e to you want to go back? do you want to say, you are no longer covered any longer? are you going to tell the parents of those kids? which one of you will stand up and tell the parents of those children the game is over, sorry, that was just a phase? >> will the german yield? >> i will. -- youuld just tell you asked a question and i will answer it. it is a false choice to say it is obamacare or nothing. there are enormous for postals, including the one i am cosponsored of. >> let me take the time back. are you serious? what you just said? are you really serious? ,fter what we have gone through after what we have gone through in the last 3.5 years? say you can sit there and you had a legitimate alternative after these years? we have gone through 44 votes, 48
water, they don't have necessary nutrition, you know. they don't have necessary education supplies and all the funds collected here go to them. it's awesome. >> it's incredible. so many schools participate in this. the kids love seeing you on the web site. if you don't even have the box, you can print off a can wrap and put it on anything that you have at home. so if you don't have this, you're still in business. >> you're still in business. exactly. keep going trick or treating for >> congratulations. you're such a young person and already you've got ambassador on your resume. or itinerary. >> you're an ambassador for halloween now. >> halloween is such a fun holiday. i can also have fun and do charity work all at the same time. hello! >> great cause. >> i'm really happy to be part of it. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you, guys, so much. >> we'll put all that info on our web site as well. >> very nice. all right. meanwhile, caught on camera, the heart stopping moment a drunk driver takes a wrong turn and he was told he would never walk again. but now he'
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a free world-class education for anyone, anywhere. if you look at a khan academy video, they cover everything from basic arithmetic to calculus, trigonometry, finance. you can really just get what you need at your own pace. and so, bank of america came and reached out to us and said, "we are really interested in making sure that everyone really understands personal finance." we're like, "well, we're already doing that." and so it was kind of a perfect match. ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. i love bold flavors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute! [ male announcer ] progresso. surprisingly bold flavor for a heart healthy soup. or is it? introducing new fast acting advil. with aultra-thin coating and fast absorbg advil ion core™ technology, nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. >>> on this monday morning. time for news by the numbers. first, 50,740. that's the number of runners who competed in the new york city marathon this weekend. congratulations to the first guy and the last guy. next, 28 million. that's how much the futuristic teen movie earned at
% today in tennessee. soaking up money that otherwise would go for higher education or for other needed parts of state government. we should encourage workplace wellness. we had a lot of debate about that during the obamacare debate and we've ended up with a regulation that's too restrictive. we can change that. we can allow small businesses to pool their resources and offer a larger number of premiums to a larger number of americans at prices they can afford. we can allow americans to purchase insurance across state lines. that would reduce the cost of health care, which should be our major goal. we could expand health care savings accounts. there's a bipartisan legislation before the senate that would define full-time employment for purposes of the health care la law -- this one or any one in the future -- as 40 hours instead of 30 hours. that would be a great help to american business and a bigger help to the employees who are being forced to go from 40 hours to 30 hours, employees who most need that income and who by going to 30 hours will have to go to a second part-time job in man
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